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Drake Hits Tyga Where It Hurts Jay R the Superstar | Nights
10/24/2014 | Filed In: onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=Tyga">Tyga | onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=Drake">Drake | onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=Beef">Beef | onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=U92">U92

Drake Hits Tyga Where It Hurts

Apparently there is beef between Tyga and Drake, in a recent interview with TMZ, Tyga was viciously honest. He said that Drake was “fake” and he also went on a twitter rant about the YMCMB label.

According to Tyga, he has had beef with both Drake and Nicki Minaj. Although he admits that he likes the Toronto Native’s music, he said he didn’t think he was the real deal.

How did Drake respond? In a very immature way of course. He went on social media, Instagram to be exact; and liked a few of Tyga’s “boo-thing’s” selfies. 

Later one of Drake’s associates, OVO Chubbs, made a direct response to Tyga via an Instagram video.

The video shows footage of Tyga, before he was famous on a failed MTV show named “Bustas.” In the video, Tyga talks about his upbringing in the valley.

Yet, Tyga later claimed that the show was scripted and that he actually grew up in Compton. Chubbs then hashtagged the video with #TheyRWhoWeThoughtTheyWere #Eps1.  

What is your opinion? Did they respond in the correct matter or was it a bit immature?


#TheyRWhoWeThoughtTheyWere #Eps.1

A video posted by @chubbsview on Oct 10, 2014 at 4:38pm PDT


5 Things You Didn't Know About Young Thug Jay R the Superstar | Nights
10/24/2014 | Filed In: onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=Young Thug">Young Thug | onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=Random Facts">Random Facts | onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=U92">U92

5 Things You Didn't Know About Young Thug

 As most of you may know, Young Thug is an up and coming artist. Even with his different style of music the rapper also known as Jeffrey Williams is slowly climbing the charts. Along with that, here are a few facts that you probably didn’t know about the Atlanta rapper.

1. He is the youngest of 10 children, and only 22 years old.

2. Future offered him $1.5 million to sign with the Freebandz family, he is currently with 1017 Brick Squad Records.

3. His unique sense of style.

     Along with his distinctive taste in music, Young Thug also tends to have a very interesting sense of style. But not in a sense of Kanye style but more of a… Drag Queen. Whether he is doing it to draw attention or simply because he enjoys dressing the way he does, it’s working. The rapper tends to catch the media’s attention every time.



👌 much better!!!!! PHOTO BY: @iam_rici follow her...

A photo posted by Young Thug (@thuggerthugger1) on Jan 1, 2014 at 5:38pm PST

4. His hair looks like a spider… Literally.


I love them all.... I promise,.. HATERS/LOVERS don't matter to me udigg!!! PHOTO BY: @

A photo posted by Young Thug (@thuggerthugger1) on Sep 9, 2014 at 10:14am PDT


5. He actually uses clothes pins when he raps.


KDF Promoter Sues The Game Jay R the Superstar | Nights
10/20/2014 | Filed In: onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=The Game">The Game | onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=Lawsuit">Lawsuit | onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=Kentucky Derby Festival">Kentucky Derby Festival | onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=U92">U92

KDF Promoter Sues The Game

A promoter for the Kentucky Derby Festival is suing The Game for $75,000 for not performing at the festival.

Apparently, the rapper had agreed to headline at the festival and was paid $35,000 in advance. Yet the day of, the L.A. rapper did a no show for his set after he found out that he had been bumped down from the headliner spot.

According to Courthouse News, the game was wired a deposit before the show. Although, he didn’t show the rapper did not pay the amount back.

The promotion company received a call from The Game’s manager on the day of and said that “The Game would not be performing unless he was headlining the event.”

Would you pick your Pride over the money or should he have behaved differently and did his part?

After all, The Game’s fans were expecting his performance. What is your point of view on this law suit?


"Steph Curry With The Shot"? Or Nah? Jay R the Superstar | Nights
10/20/2014 | Filed In: onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=Drake">Drake | onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=Airball">Airball | onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=Kentucky State">Kentucky State | onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=Basketball">Basketball | onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=U92">U92

There’s always that person who claims he or she is so good at something and when it comes down to it you find out it was all an act. In this case, Drake who claims to be “Steph Curry with the shot,” is one of them.

As he went out to support his favorite basketball team, the Kentucky Wildcats; he was invited to the team’s annual Midnight Madness event at Rupp Arena. 

He decided to jump in line and warm up with the team, the turnout? Not so well.

As he fired up he shot an aired three-pointer he didn’t look good doing it either. 

Although he became the laughing stalk of the night, he lightened up the mood by pulling out a lint roller before he was about to introduce the players and coaches.  


Beyoncé VS. Kim K Jay R the Superstar | Nights
10/20/2014 | Filed In: onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=Beyoncé">Beyoncé | onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=Kim Kardashian">Kim Kardashian | onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=Beef">Beef | onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=Drama">Drama | onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=U92">U92

Beyoncé VS. Kim K

Beyoncé has always been known as “The Queen” but it seems that recently that has begun to change…

According to a British tabloid known as The Heat, there has been ongoing beef between Bey and Kimmy Cakes. It began back in September when Beyoncé and Jay Z did not attend Kim’s and Kanye’s wedding.

Based off of Kim’s opinion, Kim believes that Beyoncé only wants to be friends with her because she wants something from her. 

It was said that Kanye spoke to Jay Z privately and suggested the approach to be public. That the fact that they didn’t go to their wedding was a huge snub and that that was just the way that Kim is.

“Kim’s ignoring her calls so far. Bey’s going to have to eat some serious humble pie to make up for all the public snubs she has made over the years for missing her wedding, she is certainly not going to forgive her just because Kim’s a bit more famous now and Beyoncé’s popularity has taken a hit,” said an anonymous source.

What do you think about this? Should Kim swallow her pride and forgive Bey? 

Or should Beyoncé have to kiss some booty in order to earn her forgiveness? 

Also, do you truly believe that Kim might be outranking Queen Bey? Or could this just be another made up rumor?  


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