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Kanye West says being a rapper is as dangerous as being a police officer Erockalypze | Afternoons
12/10/2013 | Filed In: onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=kanye west">kanye west | onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=video">video

Kanye West says being a rapper is as dangerous as being a police officer

Yeezus is on a roll! We're hoping eventually maybe... just maybe it'll come out that he's just kidding. Probably not. 


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Kanye West -- BEING A RAPPER IS DANGEROUS ... Just Like a Police Officer - Watch More Celebrity Videos or Subscribe   Thanks to TMZ.com for the video and feature -UCREW READ MORE | COMMENTS

Kanye's Ex exposes his flaws! RonT |
01/23/2013 | Filed In: onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=Kanye West">Kanye West | onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=Kim Kardashian">Kim Kardashian | onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=Brooke Crittendon ">Brooke Crittendon

Kanye's Ex exposes his flaws! So ladies, do you want a puppy or a man? Trick question huh? Well let's explain. Kanye West ex, Brooke Crittendon exposes his insecurities. She tells the Sun:

"He was not macho — he needed you to be with him and needed your opinion. He was quite vulnerable."

Read the full story here.


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