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#IGGYFAIL Iggy Azalea LIVE on Dancing With The Stars Erockalypze | Afternoons
05/29/2014 | Filed In: onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=iggy azalea">iggy azalea | onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=fancy">fancy | onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=videos">videos | onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=u92fail">u92fail

#IGGYFAIL Iggy Azalea LIVE on Dancing With The Stars



[VIDEO SALT LEAK] "HUGS" The Lonely Island ft Pharrell Erockalypze | Afternoons
05/21/2014 | Filed In: onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=salt leak">salt leak | onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=music video">music video


Pharrell teams up with comedy duo Lonely Island on this new video about the meaning of "Hugs"


Hugs doe. 


- erock


NEW MUSIC VIDEO - Far East Movement "The Illest" KTOWN RIOT EDIT Erockalypze | Afternoons
04/16/2014 | Filed In: onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=far east movement">far east movement | onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=ktown">ktown | onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=the illest">the illest | onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=music video">music video

NEW MUSIC VIDEO - Far East Movement

My homies FAR EAST MOVEMENT drop a new video edit to "The Illest" - I'll let them speak on it.. 

"Excited to announce “the illest” ktown riot edit music vid is now up. For this next album we felt it was important to rep the city and community that played a big part in our career n lives. It’s where we all met n grew. The LA Riots were a big part in ktowns growth and rebuild and now seein the diversity in ktown and how things have grown was important for us to show in the vid cuz it’s parallel to Far East movement. our new album is called ktown riot and this 2nd vid for the illest is a welcome for anyone to see a beautiful and historic city #ktown #LA thank u to Scrappy Hyung, Sonny Hyung, David Ryu for the classic riot footage and the community and shouts to all the cameos that came thru to represent!!" - Far East Movement via FB


Jay-Z gives 12 year old stage time! Erockalypze | Afternoons
01/07/2014 | Filed In: onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=jay-z">jay-z | onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=video">video

Jay-Z gives 12 year old stage time!

HOV gave 12 year old Justin a chance of a lifetime, to rap on stage during "The Magna Carter World Tour" show in front of a packed arena in Greensboro, NC. 

He caught the attention of Jay by holding up a sign reading "CAN I RAP FOR YOU?" 


Once brought on stage he performed Jay-Z's verse from "CLIQUE" acapella for the entire crowd to hear. 


Check out the video below courtesy of TMZ.com to see Justin's dream come true! 

Photo Credit: Kimmithat



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Jay Z -- Meet My Replacement -- He's Only 12!! - Watch More Celebrity Videos or Subscribe READ MORE | COMMENTS

Kanye West says being a rapper is as dangerous as being a police officer Erockalypze | Afternoons
12/10/2013 | Filed In: onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=kanye west">kanye west | onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=video">video

Kanye West says being a rapper is as dangerous as being a police officer

Yeezus is on a roll! We're hoping eventually maybe... just maybe it'll come out that he's just kidding. Probably not. 


Unfortunately your browser does not support IFrames.

Kanye West -- BEING A RAPPER IS DANGEROUS ... Just Like a Police Officer - Watch More Celebrity Videos or Subscribe   Thanks to TMZ.com for the video and feature -UCREW READ MORE | COMMENTS

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