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Cesar (DJ SURVIVOR) spreads holiday cheer through music Erockalypze | Afternoons
12/02/2013 | Filed In: onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=news">news | onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=gallivan center">gallivan center | onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=make a wish foundation">make a wish foundation | onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=cancer survivor">cancer survivor

Cesar (DJ SURVIVOR) spreads holiday cheer through music

Our homie Cesar Navarro aka DJ SURVIVOR recently made news on FOX13NOW.COM for spreading holiday cheer spinnin' tunes for everyone at The Gallivan Center during the tree lighting ceremony. 

I won't forget the day this year The Make A Wish Foundation reached out to us to make his wish come true - to hang out with us in the afternoon and take over the show for a day as a guest U92 DJ. Be sure to check out the full news article courtesy of FOX 13 NEWS to see Cesar's journey fighting cancer to now doing what he loves to do.. DJ! 


Thanks for the video and full news story courtesy of fox13now.com


[VIDEO] Pharrell "Happy" Erockalypze | Afternoons
11/22/2013 | Filed In: onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=pharrell">pharrell | onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=happy">happy | onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=video">video

[VIDEO] Pharrell


Pharrell drops his latest visuals for "HAPPY" where him and his friends shoot the video over a 24 hour period, dancing around LA! 


Throwback Thursday Fiesta Mix Vol. 1 *Free Download* Lyric | On-Air
11/18/2013 | Filed In: onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=DJ E-Flexx">DJ E-Flexx | onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=Lyric">Lyric | onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=U92">U92 | onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=Throwback Thursday">Throwback Thursday | onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=Fiesta Mix">Fiesta Mix

Throwback Thursday Fiesta Mix Vol. 1 *Free Download*


YES!!! The Fiesta Mix is now available for your downloading pleasure!


Check out the Throwback Thursday Vol.1 edition with Lyric x DJ E-Flexx! 


Be sure to hashtag us on Twitter and Instagram #FiestaMix for shout outs and feedback! https://twitter.com/U92Online



Drop a line on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/U92SLC


New mixes uploaded weekly!




[VIDEO FAIL] When U92 invades LA Erockalypze | Afternoons
11/15/2013 | Filed In: onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=fail">fail | onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=video">video

[VIDEO FAIL] When U92 invades LA This is what happens when LA parties with U92! -E


#NOMSAYIN - Food Adventures with DJ EROCKALYPZE Erockalypze | Afternoons
11/15/2013 | Filed In: onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=nomsayin">nomsayin | onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=food">food | onClick="exit=false" href="musictag.php?tag=erockalypze">erockalypze

#NOMSAYIN - Food Adventures with DJ EROCKALYPZE

If you follow my INSTAGRAM you've probably noticed that I've got another passion as much as music... GOOD FOOD. My instafam are always asking me "where is this spot!?", "do you ever eat at home?" and "you're so tall!" Okay I made up the last one. So thanks to the power of social media peer pressure I'm starting a food blog called #NOMSAYIN. I'll be featuring everything from my favorite local Sunday brunch spots to must-stop travel spots I find while on the road. Speaking of on the road, I recently took a weekend trip to Los Angeles and enlisted The Far East Movement to show me how to eat proper in DTLA!




The list of food I haven't tried isn't very long, but one thing I mentioned to the fella's on their last Salt Lake City stop was my lack of authentic korean bbq. What better place to find it than in the heart of the Korea Town District. If there's one word of advice before you do this... come hungry. 

We started with a bottle of Korean Soju (think of it as Korea's version of Japanese Sake) didn't catch the name of it, but it had PSY on the label. No joke. Coupled the shots with a round of CASS Korean beer and I was ready to go.. or so I thought. 


Korean BBQ consists of sides, sides, and more sides. There were various pickled sides, noodles, blue crab, sauces and vegetables. One of my favorite starter sides? KIMCHI PANCAKE. Next level. Then out of the blue our grill on the table filled up completely with different cuts of fresh beef. As we were already going in Proh leaned over and said "this is just the appetizer bro.." 


They brought out the main course - GAL-BI (PRIME BEEF SHORT RIB). Whatever it was marinated in was incredible. Next level type sh*t. Also if you look around the restaurant and see something that looks good, ask for it. I looked at their menu after and didn't see it, but they brought out a noodle soup that the table next to us was having. Some special local off the menu jumpoff. Needless to say it didn't hurt that I had locals who could also speak the language ordering. 

If you're near downtown LA and want to try some top quality Korean BBQ, don't sleep on this spot. BIG shout out to The Far East Movement (KevNish, Prohgress, JSpliff and DJ Virman) for school'n the bod on Korean BBQ!

- E 


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