DJ Jarvicious

U92 All Star Mixer

DJ Jarvicious
(Dee-Jay JAR-vi-SH-us)

U92 All Star Mixer

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A self proclaimed ‘NERD’, known as a purest for his flawless blends, & tight cuts, Jarvicious (Jarvis) is an industry leader to the club and concert scene of the Midwest.

This comprehensive DJ comes equipped with a dope mix of golds sampling almost every genre, making the most familiar classics new and exciting again. His deepest crates come equip with a passionate mix of mainstream Hip-Hop & Funky Top 40 tracks, pushing the boundaries into Twerk & Electro; creating what feels like a timeless mix of musical art. His sets are coupled with 'no drama' and remain very Female focused which make sense given his social media following is primarily Women (18-35), and they return time and time again to hear him play! Make sure you follow him on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter.

A 15 year veteran to the music scene, JARVICIOUS has been seen performing along side countless artists and touring celebrities during events like: The Sundance Film Festival, EVE, U92 Summer Jam, and Salt Lake Comic Con! JARVICIOUS was featured as Salt Lake Comic Con's Official DJ in 2014 and will soon be debuting his talent internationally for Mexico's Baja Comic Con this November with his go-go partner Courtney Ly.

In 2010 he was invited to join the roster of the World Famous Bum Squad DJz and is recognized by DJs across the country. He continues to prove himself again and again through high energy performances, his clear vocal presence, and the flair to read a crowd. Needless to say, Jarvicious is ONE HELL OF A DJ!




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