DJ Jarvicious

U92 All Star Mixer

DJ Jarvicious
(Dee-Jay JAR-vi-SH-us)

U92 All Star Mixer

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Jarvicious is a veteran DJ with U92. Since joining our roster in 2002, he has performed alongside countless artists and caters to a surfeit of recurring clients both public and private. In 2010, he was proudly invited to join the Bum Squad DJz Worldwide, which contains a little over 120 seasoned DJs and producers from around the globe.

(Jarvis) is a comprehensive DJ that can WOW any dance floor with his tight blends of hype acappellas and powerful party tracks making even the most familiar bangers new and exciting once again! You’ll find his crates are deep with golds from almost every genre perfect for Utah’s ever changing airwaves. His passion, of course, lies firmly with the popular mainstream Hip-Hop and Top 40 tracks of today, while pushing the boundaries into Twerk/Electro; creating, what feels like, a timeless mix of musical art. He has always remained humble through the whirlwind that is nightlife in the 801. Needless to say, DJ Jarvicious is one hell of an entertainer.


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