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Jay R grew up in the one stop light town known as Dawn, Virginia. When he was a junior in high school he stumbled across his calling in a radio broadcasting class. He created the "Jay R In The Morning Show" in which he woke up his fellow classmates and teachers with his energetic style and hilarious topics. His show was a huge success at Highland Springs High School, so Jay R naturally decided to pursue a career in radio and entertainment.

After high school graduation, Jay R moved to Raleigh, NC to be the night jock on Pulse 102. After a year, Jay R decided he wanted to have a more creative input so he moved to Peoria, IL to become the night jock and assistant program director at 98.5 KISS FM. There he interviewed numerous current and up coming pop stars and was the number 1 rated night show in that market.

When Jay R is not on air he turns into his alter-ego "JAY R THE SUPERSTAR" and hosts parties, nightclubs, and corporate events. He also has a passion for charitable work by hosting community events, speaking to under privileged youth and organizing fundraisers.

Now he entertains Salt Lake City's air waves with Jay R's Night Cap on U92 from 7p-12a every weeknight. 

Jay R's turn-ons are nice hair and pretty feet. His turn offs includes nasty attitudes and lack of self confidence.


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